Monday, July 6: Judy, Bill and Drew were lucky to get an early morning 28-mile ride in on the Cherry Creek hike and bike before the rain began. Then it rained darned near the whole day here in Denver, that along with a major shift in the temps downward. So I guess we picked the perfect time to relax. I had to get some maintenance stuff done with the van, so I took it to a Big O Tire here on Colfax Ave. - just really convenient location for me. In addition to getting an oil change and tire rotation, I wanted to have the alignment checked. I’ve begun to notice some uneven wear on the right side front. So I got this coupon for a free alignment check, and without leading them on to what I’ve seen, I wanted to see if they’d come up with the same conclusion as me. Well, their printout confirmed that I was indeed right - needed an alignment. 

We had driven the 5 blocks to Big O from Drew’s house, then left the van there, and walked back to the house. Van was there for about 4 hours while we just hung out indoors. It was kind of like a monsoon out there from the better part of those 4 hours. Then got the van, shopped for groceries and back to Drew’s to make some dinner. Judy, Bill & I kind of played “Suzie Homemaker” while Drew was at work, collectively making a dinner for Chimichuri Shrimp along with a Black Pepper Steak stir-fry. 

Watched a movie after dinner and that was the day. Today Judy, Bill & I head back down to Trinidad to restart the American Dirt route through Southwest CO. Judy and Drew are doing a ride right now, so we’ll probably got on the road at 10 AM or so. That means a short day in the saddle when we get back down there. I’m hoping the weather holds and we’re able to do the section from Branson to Trinidad, which I calculate to be about 35-40 miles. Then we’ll get going with full riding days on Wednesday. 

Short blog here. But hey, it’s hard to turn a down-day into some kind of epic event! I honestly don’t even like blogging about days like Sunday and Monday, down-days. Reminds me too much of the theme of the old Seinfeld Show - a show about nothing. In our case, it’s two days about nothing. This is why I don’t EVER have a regular blog about my daily life when I’m not doing a trip. Who the hell wants to hear me drone on and on about nothing? I certainly don’t think my daily life is “blog worthy”, and tell you what….I don’t think anyone’s daily life is blogworthy. That kind of blogging reminds me too much of someone’s silly self-indulgence in themselves, like we should all really give a shit about him/her. This is also why I don’t Twitter, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, nor all the other ridiculous self-indulgent nonsense that’s available to the masses nowadays in the wonderful world of cyberspace. Yea, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool  Old Fart…and I’m going to keep it that way! Talk to you later……..Pete